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Contact the Janice Christopher Agency for a free consultation regarding reputation management in New Haven. Ideal for both new and established companies, our reputation management or PR services will help you develop your credibility within the New Haven community or clean up damage caused by bad reviews and media and or negative media coverage.

Reputation Management for New Haven Startups

If yours is a new business, assuming it's not a franchise or licensee of a major brand that everyone already knows and trusts, how are people ever going to find out about you? Being a new business can be like working in the dark - nobody can see you and you can't see your customers! Part of our reputation management services includes shining a spotlight on such businesses, helping them to get found.

Even more important is that when new customers find your business as a result of your paid marketing efforts, most still won't buy your stuff. 9 times out of 10, they're going to choose the name brand they know and trust even if your products and services are cheaper and better. Case in point:

A person wanting to buy baseball cards online is much more likely to trust a major brand name like Topps or Sports Card Direct than say, Individual X. Even if Individual X has the same cards but in slightly better condition and at half the price as Topps and Sports Card Direct; 9/10 people are going to spend their money with the brand names because they don't know who Individual X is. There are no bad reviews about Individual X, but there are no good reviews either. People feel safer making a purchase from a company that has social proof.

Using Reputation Management to Clean Up a Damaged Reputation

Whether you made a mistake in the past or did nothing wrong at all, many business owners learn the hard that all it takes is one negative review online or one bad story on the 6 o' clock news to tank their sales. This is especially true in today's digital age where one complaint or one bad situation can go viral either with your community or on a national scale.

The good news is that there's almost always a way to fix the damage, just like after a hurricane passes through. All you can see is the devastation caused by the storm right now, but in a short while, with a little reputation management help from the Janice Christopher Agency, you'll be back to business as usual.

Contact the Janice Christopher Agency

Part of what reputation management does is to provide positive publicity for companies, which adds to the social proof factor. Another part of what our New Haven reputation management services do is to help clean up damaged goods. Reputation management services in addition to other effective digital marketing services can either turn your business around and get you back on track, or it can help to get your business off the ground. 

Reputation Management New Haven