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Dental Marketing Firm

How Our Dental Marketing Firm Makes Your Life Easier

If you are spending your time searching for the best dental marketing firm, you've found it! Patient News is here to help you. We know how to make your life easier by providing proven dental marketing campaigns to grow your business. We've already done the work, so you don't have to!

With 25 years of experience to draw upon, you are in good hands. Our dental marketing firm will assist you to help you get the results you need.

Digital Marketing Assistance

A dental practice that is looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors will want to embrace digital marketing to reap all of the benefits it provides. When you have decided to jump with both feet into the world of digital marketing, we know how to help you "stick the landing." 

Your website frame and optimization – its ability to be found easily on Google search engines – are just a few of the areas that we address. Getting people to visit a site is only half of the battle. At Patient News, we teach you how to turn all of the clicks that you receive into actual conversions. If your digital marketing strategy hasn't been approved by our team of experts, it is time to head back to the drawing board.

Direct Mail

The average consumer will react to direct mail that resonates - that speaks to them and solves their problems. When you rely on Patient News, your direct mail campaign that will hit the mark so that potential patients will stop in their tracks to take a closer look.

When a direct mail campaign is handled on your behalf by our dental marketing firm, you increase your overall reach in a major way. Direct mail offers us the chance to enjoy a 100 percent success rate for reach. Unlike digital marketing, with direct mail, every piece you send will get into the hands and homes of your prospects. And a compelling piece, expertly written and designed, using leading neuroscience and marketing techniques, will make its presence known.

General Intelligence and Management

A quality marketing plan starts with the proper intelligence and management. In order to make a plan for the future, you must first know what is happening in the here and now. We assist you so that you have a clear picture of your practice achievements and your goals ... and how to reach them. Objectives become easier than ever before.

Patient News provides you with a personal account manager who will offer skilled and experienced guidance based on the needs of your unique practice. Whether you need assistance with your process improvement or production growth, our experts know just how to help. We teach you how to grow your practice naturally and provide you with the road map that you need to get to your chosen destination.


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